Individual cases

The AMP documents and accompanies individual cases of political murders as well as criminalizations and disappearances of human rights defenders* and journalists*, which illustrate the methodology of structural human rights violations. A list of all cases of political murders of human rights defenders* and journalists* appears in the AMP Human Rights Report.


Criminalization are fabricated charges that use false evidence to accuse the victim of a crime they did not commit. Often fabricated charges are preceded by a campaign of abuse and intimidation. This kind of charge is brought especially often by members of the military. Their goal is to defame human rights defenders and hold them in custody for the duration of the trial.

Political Murders

Since Duterte took office, there has been a significant increase in the number of murders of human rights activists and other political opponents compared to the tenure of his predecessor Aquino. Most cases of such killings are only superficially investigated by the authorities and only very few of the perpetrators are brought to justice, the masterminds of the murders mostly remain unknown. The climate of impunity and murder is clearly fueled by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Enforced Disappearances

Disappearances mean that people, who are mostly political opponents, are kidnapped and taken to an unknown location. The aim is to intimidate people in the private and political environment of the victims and to traumatize them in the long term through the uncertainty about the whereabouts of the victims. Many cases are never cleared up. The executing security authorities act without a legal basis.

The Philippines has not ratified the UN Convention against Enforced Disappearances, which describes the practice as a crime against humanity.