Lumad Students “rescued” by the police

10. March 2021 | "War on Drugs", Human Rights News

At least 19 students and their teachers have been forcefully removed from the campus of the University of San Carlos-Talamban (USC) by the PNP who claim they were “rescuing” them. The students were allegedly being indoctrinated by the communist rebel movement NPA. Some teachers tried to hide the Lumad students in order to protect them from being taken by the police. These teachers now face charges of kidnapping and child abuse. Videos of the “rescue operation” clearly show that the students were taken against their will and not being rescued as the police claims.
Due to political tension between the government and the communist rebels, indigenous groups like the Lumad are often victims of military harassment, land grabbing, forced evacuations and extrajudicial killings. Lumad schools are regularly being red-tagged and subsequently closed. In order to continue pursuing their education in a safe environment these students had, according to Rappler, travelled to Cebu where they were able to continue learning in makeshift facilities, the so-called Lumad Bakwit Schools. These Bakwit schools are led by church groups and academic institutions in Davao, Metro Manila and Cebu. Due to the lockdown and the resulting travel restrictions the students had to postpone the return to their home. Meanwhile, the minor students have been transferred back home. This return was effected without the consent of their parents.
The Commission of Human Rights of the Philippines (CHR) refuses the alleged indoctrination of the students. International organisations such as Human Rights Watch and the International Coalition for Human Rights demand immediate demilitarization of indigenous schools and the protection of the children’s rights to education. Several human rights organisations and government officials demand a probe for this “rescue” measure.

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