AMP-Statement: Terror financing accusations against CERNET 2023

The Aktionsbündnis Menschenrechte Philippinen (AMP) strongly condemns the baseless accusations lodged against members of CERNET’s staff, board, and council. These accusations, initiated by Col. Joey Escanillas of the Philippine Army, have resulted in the subpoena of 28 individuals from CERNET, alleging breaches of the “Terrorism Financing Prevention and Suppression Act” (R.A. No. 1016) from 2012.

The AMP finds these charges to be unsubstantiated, seemingly designed to tarnish CERNET’s reputation and to hinder its operations.

In a statement, the AMP urgently calls on the Philippine government to retract all unfounded accusations against CERNET. Furthermore, the AMP urges the Philippine government to conduct thorough investigations and hold those responsible for “red-tagging” accountable.


Download (PDF): AMP-Statement on terror financing accusations against CERNET 2023