Marcos Jr. meets Federal Chancellor Scholz: human rights not a priority

On 12 March 2024, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz received Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in Berlin. In a subsequent press conference, the two explained that the talks centered on strengthening economic relations between the two countries, tensions and security in the West Philippine Sea and the recruitment of Filipino workers to Germany.

However, neither Scholz and Marcos Jr. nor the journalists addressed the existing human rights problems in the Philippines during the press conference. Instead, Marcos Jr. used the Federal Chancellor’s cautiously critical statements on human rights issues to convey the image in the national media that Germany was “satisfied” with its approach in the fight against illegal drugs.

President Marcos Jr. also claimed to Scholz that he “diametrically opposes the use of violence” in his anti-drug campaign and that the situation had “significantly improved.” Marcos Jr. also emphasized that he would not cooperate with the International Criminal Court for alleged crimes against humanity committed under his predecessor Rodrigo Duterte. Bryony Lau from Human Rights Watch criticized the fact that Marcos Jr. “cannot claim progress because impunity persists.” Lau also pointed out that there have only been two convictions in cases of drug-related killings under the Marcos government.


Photo © LoboStudio Hamburg

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