Inquirer reports on human rights activity of the Germany-based NGO philippinenbüro

Human rights defenders and rights activists have gathered in front of the cathedral of Cologne, Germany on 10th December. The philippinenbüro e.V. which is based in Cologne organised the protest in order to remember the many victims of human rights violations in the Philippines. The group and their supporters condemned the extrajudicial killings of activists, lawyers, journalists, environmentalists, drug users and people suspected of being involved in the drug trade. The protesters also voiced their concerns about Dutertes anti-terror law.The philippinenbüro is setting their hopes on sanctions from International institutions such as the EU. According to the new EU regulations people who have commited serious violations of human rights such as torture, slavery, extrajudicial killings etc are banned from travelling.

Apart from the protest in Cologne there were also vigils in Berlin and Hamburg.

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