General Parlade criticised for red-tagging

General Antonio Parlade who is known for uttering accusations has accused Inquirer-journalist Tetch Torresa Tupas in a facebook post on February 2, 2021, of cooperationg with terrorists. He accused her of „helping terrorists to spread lies“. Tupas had merely reported on a petition against the anti-terror act containing reports of two Aetas who are the first being accused and tortured under this law.

It appears however that Parlade went too far with his accusations, even for the Philippine government. It is now up to the military to decide on the consequences his accusations will have for him.

Journalists who have been monitoring the Philippine jurisdiction system said Parlade’s facebook post is posing a severe threat to Tupas, especially considering the Anti-Terror Act of 2020 (ATA). Although the accusations are not based on facts they threaten her life. Journalist groups are demanding that Parlade shall be dismissed. The CHR also stated their concerns about the accusations.

On February 4, the Justice and Court Reporters Association (JUCRA), which Tupas is a member of, condemned the allegations. JUCRA stated that Parlade is aware of the threat of 12 years in prison, which he put on Tupas due to the nature of the ATA.

The Defence Secretary Lorenzana said there would be a probe to see if Parlade will be punished for his accusations.

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