Conference “Political Killings and the Rule of Law

9. May 2008 | News

Place: Katholische Akademie, Berlin
Date: 8-9 May 2008

From 8-9 May 2008, more than sixty representatives from civil society organisations, governments, churches and other interested people took part in our conference “Political Killings and the Rule of Law – the example of the Philippines”. The event, which was organized by the Action Network Human Rights – Philippines, had been the biggest sociopolitical conference regarding the Philippines in Germany for many years. The coverage on the topic in the German-speaking media was rather limited until then and the role of German and European foreign policy in influencing politics in the Philippines had been unnoticed. The symposium closed this gap by offering various possibilities of intervention for human rights practitioners, politicians, journalists and stakeholders. Speakers were amongst others Prof. Dr. Herta Däubler-Gmelin, Lea Biazon, Günter Nooke, Bischof Pascua, Bischof Pueblos und Max de Mesa.

To view the conference documentation please go to publications.

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