Conference “Human Rights in the Philippines.Trends and Challenges under the Aquino Government”

30. June 2011 | News

Place:Akademie der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Berlin
Date: 29-30 June 2011

On 29 and 30 June 2011 the Action Network Human Rights-Philippines in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, hosted the conference “Human Rights in the Philippines. Trends and Challenges under the Aquino government”.
The aim of the conference was to inform about the current situation of human rights under the then new Aquino administration. The several contributions gave an overview of the legal framework in the Philippines, the degree of implementation and the context in which it comes to human rights violations.
Then the question was discussed, what ought to happen in certain sectors, such as the security sector, the judicial system and the political system in order to improve the human rights situation in the country fundamentally.
During the conference, existing solutions were presented and the success and limits of policy approaches analyzed. Another important point of discussion was the question of the possibility of political and civil society influence and intervention of German and European actors.

The conference documentation is available on this website under Publications. Below you will find some of the contributions to the Conference in the original unedited versions.


Quo Vadis Philippines?
Contribution of Niklas Reese (Bonn University) on structural causes of political violance in the Philippines

Current Political, Economic and Social Contexts in the Philippines
Contribution of Kaloy Manlupig (Balay Mindanaw) on political and social-economic conflicts in Mindanao

Progress, Stagnation, Regression?
Contribution of Hazle Galang (Amnesty International) on the state of human rights one year after Aquino took office

The Current Situation of Human Rights under President Aquino
Contribution of Marie Hilao-Enriquez (Karapatan) on the perception of a human rights NGO and the prosecution of human right violations

Impunity in the Aquino Administration
Contribution of Max de Mesa (Pahra) about case studies on extra-judicial killings and enforced disappearance

Trumped-Up Charges
Contribution of Oliver Gimenez (CERNET) on the criminalization of human rights defenders

Case Study – Benjamin Bayles
Contribution of Marie Hilao-Enriquez (Karapatan) on deficits in criminal proceedings based on the case of Benjamin Bayles

There can be no Reconciliation without Justice
Keynote speech of the Philippine Justice Secretary Leila de Lima

Constitutional Control in the Security Sector: Adherence to Human Rights Standards within the Armed Forces of the Philippines and “Command Responsibility”
Contribution of General a. D. Dolorfino (AFP) on command responsibility and the adherence to human rights standards within the armed forces.

A View of the Human Rights Situation in the Philippines. Weaknesses and Deficits within the Security Forces
Contribution of Etta Rosales (CHR) on the hindrances for the reform of the security sector and possible contributions of the Philippine Human Rights Commission

Human Rights and Judicial Remedies in the Philippines
Contribution of Jose Manuel I. Diokno (FLAG) on problems and chances in the Philippine judicial system

Enhancing the Protection of Human Rights Defenders
Contribution of Sister Cres Lucero (TFDP) on witness and victim protection in the Philippines

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