Regional Protection Measures

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The listed regional protection measures entail programs that offer temporary relocation to HRDs within the Asian region. The funding organization usually provides the financial means to a NGO or Church that hosts the HRD. Pre-established relations with possible host organizations are an asset. Some of the programs under international protection measures also include the regional relocation.

ESI: Temporary relocation within home country or region

Organization: Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (Ifa)/ Elisabeth-Selbert-Initiative (ESI)
Special Focus: None


The Elisabeth-Selbert-Initiative provides threatened human rights defenders with a safe place in the region of the country of origin to recuperate, cope with trauma, and when possible, to network and further develop their professional skills for 4-6 months. The first contact is via Email and the HRD does not need any formal endorsement. It can be helpful though to have a potential host organization and an endorsement. The program also allows temporary relocation for immediate family members of the HRD.

Needed documents: Personal Statement about security situation, applications by the HRD and the host organization, finance plan by the host organization.

For more information, please visit: Elisabeth-Selbert-Initiative