Marcos once again: ICC has no jurisdiction in Philippines

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. reiterated that he does not recognize the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and that he does not support the ongoing investigation in the country. The ICC is investigating alleged crimes against humanity in the Philippines in the context of the so-called “war on drugs” under former President Rodrigo Duterte. However, a nationwide survey by OCTA-Research shows that a majority of adult Filipin@s are in favor of the government’s cooperation with the ICC.

In an interview with ABC News in early March 2024, Marcos Jr. explained that both the judiciary and the police were functioning in the country and that they would take up responsibility in cases of drug-related killings. In this context, Marcos Jr. also pointed to the many suspensions of police officers as a progressive sign. Marcos Jr. argued that the ICC is only needed in a country where there is no police force and no peace and order. He also asserted that the alleged tensions in the relationship with Duterte were no reason to co-operate with the ICC.

Marcos Jr’s sister, Senator Imee Marcos, filed a resolution on February 13, 2024, instructing the relevant Senate panel to investigate the “unwarranted presence” of intergovernmental organizations that would pose a “threat” to the independence of the Philippines. The Philippine National Police also declared on February 7 that it would not enforce a possible arrest warrant from the ICC against Duterte.

During a rally in Cebu on February 25, 2024, former President Duterte’s heated remarks against Marcos Jr. softened. Duterte stated that he has no conflict with President Marcos Jr. and described him as “respectful” and “humble.” Duterte would also not oppose Marcos Jr.’s proposed constitutional amendments as long as they would not give Marcos Jr. an advantage. He also reacted with indifference to a possible arrest warrant from the ICC.


Foto © Eric Bridiers

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