Falsely charged human rights defender Zara Alvarez released

8. August 2014 | News

On July 22, political activist and human rights defender Zara Alvarez was released on bail. In October 2014, she was illegally arrested and unjustly incarcerated for 21 months. She still faces two charges of murder and robbery in band, believed to be fabricated in an attempt to silence her and her colleague’s opposition against state repression.

The Action Network Human Rights – Philippines welcomes Alvarez release and calls for an end to trumped-up charges and the political persecution of human rights defenders!

For more background information please view the interview with Zara Alvarez “Incidents must be investigated” by our member organization International Peace Observers Network (IPON), and our publications: “Human Rights in the Philippines – Aspiration and Reality” (2014) and “Trumped-up charges: Just another means of repression” (2013).

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