End of accord between government and University of the Philippines

On January 18th, the Department of Defence unilaterally terminated the accord with the University of the Philippines from 1989, according to which the military has no access to their campuses. The academic institution was vilified as a “save hafen” for terrorist, among further vilifications and red-tagging of UP alumni. This is another one of Dutertes many measures against dissent, just like the anti-terror-law and the nearly complete impunity for extrajudicial killings. The determination is effective since January 15, 2021.

Four senators openly disagreed with the termination of the accord. UP they said “remains a citadel of excellence where the skills to serve the people are taught, (…) This academic brilliance can only shine under a climate of freedom.”

The Filipino Commission of Human Rights CHR also urged the government to adress social inequalities instead of silencing dissent.

Since the 80s the UP campuses have been a refuge for student activists while in their vicinity there were many cases of students disappearing, being killed or experiencing violence from police or the military.

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