Crackdown on activists: In “Bloody Sundays” massacre, nine activists killed by state security forces

Past Sunday, March 7, 2021, nine activists have been killed and six arrested in what has been called a massacre by the hand of state security forces. This Sunday will entry in the history books as the “Bloody Sunday“. In Calabarzon, equiped with 24 search warrants, Philippine state security forces entered the private houses of labour, housing, social, Indigeneous People’s Rights and climate activits, most of them belonging to institutions that had suffered red-tagging, vilifications and threats before.

Vice-President Leni Robredo called the crackdown a massacre and urged for a clean and independent probe into the killings.

Numerous international institutions have published statements and called on the Philippine Government to invest the cases, end impunity and ensure human rights for Philippine citizens. Read here the statements of Human Rights Watch, the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights and the EU.

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